CB10 AS-Interface Module Combines Proven Features with Safety

AS-Interface has long proven itself as a user-friendly and cost-effective wiring technology for the industrial sector. To increase the variety of available components and expand the range of possible applications, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed two new CB10 series modules.

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Baumer CleverLevel Sensors 3 – more simple, reliable and intelligent

The original puts you one step ahead – point level detection has never been this easy and reliable. Thanks to the new level switch PL20, the CleverLevel series from Baumer now offers more possibilities for detecting point levels.

By |2020-06-19T15:25:17+01:00May 26th, 2020|Industry News, Sensors|0 Comments


Long Distributors are delighted to announce the release of innovative new photoelectric Sick Sensors that thrive in challenging conditions, offering a cost effective way to improve your production and operational processes. The upgraded sensors are new Inox versions of its GR6 rectangular and GR18 cylindrical sensors, designed to provide a durable and reliable solution to the problem of detecting objects in harsh conditions.

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Contrinex’s new cloud-ready smart sensors

Inductive sensors with IO-Link SSP 3.3 for live measurement and data monitoring Contrinex’s new cloud-ready smart sensors are perfect for live data monitoring from the heart of an application. By simply configuring an IO-Link parameter, the user can output and display sensor data in real time on a cloud dashboard. A range of predictive maintenance features is also available to speed [...]

By |2019-12-16T15:43:25+00:00November 13th, 2019|Industry News, Sensors|0 Comments
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