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Eaton provide energy-efficient solutions that help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton help their customers solve their greatest power management challenges through Eaton’s industry leading electrical, aerospace, hydraulic and vehicle products and services. Eaton is dedicated to manufacturing excellence and to providing innovative products that make their customers more successful. Eaton’s broad product mix can be found in industries all over the world, protecting people and assets, while improving productivity and efficiency.

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Eaton strive to create effective solutions that help customers to solve their greatest power management challenges with industry-leading electrical, aerospace, hydraulic and vehicle products and services. Eaton offers a broad product mix, creating flexible solutions to improve productivity and efficiency in multiple industries and, ultimately, protect people and assets.

Eaton Electrical Parts

Here at Long Distributors, we provide technical support and cost-effective solutions for Eaton Electrical products in Ireland. Our product range consists of established brand leaders, as well as solutions from innovative new companies, and we specialise in sourcing non-standard products, including variations on standard products and alternatives to obsolete items. We will always be on hand to help you to find comprehensive solutions to unconventional problems.

We specialise in:

  • Sourcing non-standard products including variations on standard products and alternatives to obsolete items

  • Finding comprehensive solutions to unconventional problems

  • Having a large range of sensors and switchgear in stock from our store based in Cork

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    Eaton Electrical Circuit Protection

    Eaton’s complete line of circuit protection products reflects a long tradition of creating solutions that enhance electrical safety and reliability. Eaton parts offer full code compliance and efficient power distribution in alternative energy, commercial, industrial and mining operations, so we can create flexible and effective solutions every time.

    Eaton Circuit breakers

    Eaton’s low and medium voltage circuit breakers provide premium protection for overheating wires, overloads and short circuits in residential, commercial and industrial applications, and we have a large supply of Eaton parts in our Cork store so we can help you to find the best solution for your unique situation.

    Eaton Switches and Disconnects

    Eaton’s safety switches continue to be a preferred choice among electrical contractors and other end users. Eaton’s switching device product line is focused on safety and uses state-of-the art designs that can be customised to fit your needs.

    Eaton Rotary Disconnects

    Eaton Electrical Distributor’s full-range of rotary disconnects offers a compact, economical, and high-quality choice for your operations. In technical terms, we can accommodate switching and isolation spanning a range from 16A – 1200A, and – without the jargon – that simply means that we can facilitate the solutions that work for you.

    eaton c series circuit breakers

    Eaton Electrical Enclosures

    Safeguarding your power distribution with quality environmental enclosures is critical to keep your processes running effectively, and Eaton Electrical Enclosures provide a reliable way to do this. Talk to us about the options and we will be happy to run through the product range with you.

    Eaton Enclosures

    Eaton offers top-quality enclosures to meet a wide variety of customer requirements and delivery needs. Our full line of residential, commercial, industrial and classified enclosure solutions are ideal for oil and gas, mining, water and wastewater, OEM panel shop applications and more.

    Eaton Enclosures, junction boxes and instrument housings are built and configured to meet the most demanding hazardous area and industrial application requirements in the world, so you can count on us to deliver products you can rely on.

    eaton fiberglass enclosure

    Eaton Low Voltage Power Distribution & Controls Systems

    Eaton products improve reliability, increase efficiency and enhance safety with a broad portfolio of low-voltage electrical equipment that distributes, monitors and manages power throughout your facility or operation

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