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Baumer Sensors

Baumer offers a wide range of products including thermometers, pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges, pressure switches, differential pressure switches, temperature switches, seals and accessories. It is an international family-owned business with a passion for sensor technology, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing.

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Baumer Distributors Ireland

Long Distributors provide technical support and cost-effective solutions for Baumer sensors in Ireland.

Our product range consists of established brand leaders, as well as solutions from innovative new companies, and we specialise in sourcing non-standard products, including variations on standard products and alternatives to obsolete items.

We will always be on hand to help you to find comprehensive solutions to unconventional problems.

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    The Baumer Sensor product range includes by application:

    Object Detection

    These are sensors, proximity switches and light barriers used for object and position detection.

    • Inductive proximity switches
    • Capacitive sensors
    • Precision mechanical switches My-Com
    • Photoelectric sensors
    • Ultrasonic sensors providing the most versatile object detection
    • Edge measurement and detection
    • Fiber optic sensors and fiber optic cables
    • Magnetic and cylinder sensors
    • Accessories for object, distance and 2D/3D sensors

    Distance Measurement

    These are sensors that are used for detecting distances and distance information from the µm range to over 40m.

    • Optical distance sensors
    • Inductive distance sensors (AlphaProx)
    • Cable transducers
    • Linear magnetic encoders
    • Accessories for object, distance and 2D/3D sensors
    • Radar sensors
    • Precise Ultrasonic distance sensors
    • Measuring wheel encoders

    2D and 3D sensors

    These types of sensors provide measurement for one or more object dimensions and detection of object form characteristics such as height, width, length, gap, profile or edge information.

    • Smart profile sensors – PosCon
    • Accessories for object, distance and 2D/3D sensors
    • Light-band sensors
    • Vision sensors for automation technology – VeriSens

    Image Processing and Identification

    These are sensors that are used for camera-based inspection, identification and process control

    • Industrial cameras
    • Versatile text readers (VeriSens ID series)
    • Vision sensors for automation technology (VeriSens)
    • Custom imaging components
    • Reliable 1D/2D code readers (VeriSens ID series)
    • Starter Kits and Accessories for industrial cameras and vision sensors

    Rotary Encoders and Angle Sensors

    These are used for measuring and monitoring rotary speed and rotary shaft positions for machines, installations and electrical drives.

    • Industrial encoders absolute
    • Motor feedback encoders
    • Hall sensors for non-contact and wear-free detection
    • Incremental industrial encoders
    • Absolute Heavy Duty encoders

    Inclination and Acceleration Sensors

    These are used for the measurement of inclination, acceleration and vibration.

    • Inclination sensors in robust design
    • Vibration and acceleration sensors

    Process Sensors

    These sensors are used for the automation of process technology with transmitters, sensors and measuring equipment for the parameters of pressure, temperature, fill level, flow and conductivity of gaseous, liquid, paste-like and granular media.

    • Level measurement
    • Flow measurement
    • Pressure measurement
    • Conductivity measurement
    • Temperature measurement
    • Accessories for the process sensors

    Force and Strain Sensors

    These sensors facilitate force and strain measurement in machines, installations and tools.

    Strain sensors

    • The clever alternative to force measurement
    • Quick and easy implementation in development
    • One sensor for different force ranges and applications

    Force sensors

    • Expertise in force measuring technology

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