LIFASA, your partner in the field of Reactive Energy Compensation. International Capacitors, S.A., with its LIFASA brand, is a company consolidated in the electricity market thanks to its constant evolution. In fact, our policy of investing in innovation and technology has positioned us as one of the pioneers in boosting the quality of electrical capacitors. Currently, we have a wide range of low and high voltage equipment, from equipment for small installations to the most complex with electronic control, thyristors and harmonic protection filters.

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Product Portfolio

Products include:
Low voltage power capacitors
Low voltage power capacitors banks
Active filters
Reactive energy controllers
LV reactors

Products include:
High voltage capacitors
High voltage capacitor banks
Reactive energy regulators
Shock reactors

Products include:
Harmonic filters
Active filters
Protection filters

LIFASA power  electronic capacitors  cover a huge range of possible power electronic capacitors in AC, where the capacitors are continuously recharged, or in DC, where the capacitors are working in a concrete polarity most of the time.
Products include:
General purpose
AC filtering
DC filtering

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