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Established in 1978, Long Distributors Ltd supplies world-leading innovative products across switchgear, motor control equipment, sensing and monitoring devices to Industry. Our customers include small to medium enterprises to large multinationals. We work with companies from a wide range of industries including electrical and engineering contractors, agriculture, food and beverage, timber, dairy services, packaging, plastics, woodworking, pharmaceutical, and medical devices.

We also specialise in:

  • Sourcing non-standard products including variations on standard products and alternatives to obsolete items
  • Finding comprehensive solutions to unconventional problems
  • Having a large range of sensors and switchgear in stock from our store based in Cork

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Latest Articles

  • Comitronic 7SSR-HYG-MKT thumbnail

Presenting the Comitronic 7SSR-HYG-MKT Safety Sensor

The Comitronic 7SSR-HYG-MKT safety sensor provides protection for dangerous machines in harsh or hygienic environments. The safety sensor is utilised throughout the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and agricultural biotechnology industry.

  • Safety Gate Locking

PSENmlock Safety Gate System

The safety gate system PSENmlock offers safe interlocking and safe guard locking for personal and process protection up to the highest category PL e. Safeguard locking is possible because the guard locking device has a dual-channel operation. As such the switch is particularly suitable for use on machines with a hazardous overrun, which also requires safe guard locking up to PL d or PL e. Combined with Pilz control technology, the result is a safe, complete solution for guard monitoring.

  • pepperl and fuchs

CB10 AS-Interface Module Combines Proven Features with Safety

AS-Interface has long proven itself as a user-friendly and cost-effective wiring technology for the industrial sector. To increase the variety of available components and expand the range of possible applications, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed two new CB10 series modules.


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