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Balluff is a leader in the field of sensor technology, handling the entire range of technological diversity with their various operating principles. Balluff offer premium sensors and systems for every application and requirement, from position measurement and identification to object recognition and fluid measurement. For everyday industrial uses as well for tough applications in critical environments, Balluff is the solution you need.

Balluff quality management is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, and all of our products are tested in our own accredited labs. Balluff sensors meet regional as well as international standards and are used throughout the world.

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Here at Long Distributors, we provide technical support and cost-effective solutions for Balluff sensors in Ireland.

Our product range consists of established brand leaders, as well as solutions from innovative new companies, and we specialise in sourcing non-standard products, including variations on standard products and alternatives to obsolete items.

We will always be on hand to help you to find comprehensive solutions to unconventional problems.

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    Balluff Capacitive Sensors
    Balluff Inclination Sensors

    Balluff tailor all solutions to customer needs, with the joint aims of lowering costs and improving manufacturing processes. This could take the form of an individual sensor for a detection application in a demanding environment, or using the latest industrial networking technology to develop a complete machine connectivity scheme.

    Balluff sensors range includes photoelectric, vision, ultrasonic, pressure, magnetic, capacitive, and inductive proximity. Areas of application include industrial RFID, linear position sensing, object detection, industrial networking, and fluid dynamics.

    The Balluff range of products, broken down by application, includes:

    For industrial networking and connectivity:

    • Inductive couplers
    • Fieldbus modules
    • IO-Links
    • Passive Splitters
    • Connectors and connection cables

    For industrial identification:

    • Industrial RFID systems
    • Vision sensors
    • Optical identification devices

    For object detection:

    • Inductive sensors
    • Capacitive sensors
    • Photoelectric sensors
    • Magnetic cylinder sensors
    • Ultrasonic sensors
    • Magnetic sensors
    • Mechanical sensors

    For linear position and distance measurement:

    • Inductive distance sensors
    • Micropulse transducers
    • Magneto-inductive position sensors
    • Inductive positioning systems
    • Magnetic linear/rotary encoder systems
    • Photoelectric distance sensors
    • Inclination sensors

    For fluid sensor applications:

    • Pressure sensors

    Balluff also provides a range of mechanical accessories, electrical accessories, and power supply units. We are experienced distributors of product solutions across all industries, and we will be happy to help you to find the best options for your business.

    We have a large range of sensors and switchgear in stock in our Cork based store, and we offer flexible and comprehensive solutions. For expert advice and fast supply of high-quality products that meet your application needs, contact Long Distributors today.

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