SensoPart Sensors

SensoPart concentrates on the development, production and marketing of optoelectronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors for factory automation. SensoPart also offer inductive and ultrasonic sensors. SensoPart products are used in numerous applications and sectors from automotive and machine construction, through the electronics and solar industries, to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Products includes:

  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Distance sensors
  • Vision sensors & systems
  • Generation 4.0 – Smart and High End
  • Colour, contrast and luminescence sensors
  • Fiber-optic sensors and cables
  • Fork sensors and optical windows
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Inductive sensors
  • SmartPlug
Sensopart distance sensor
Sophisticated laser technology – small, precise laser light spots for highly-accurate small-part detection
Wide variety of setting options: potentiometer, teach-in, external control cable or fixed pre-setting
Different transmission light sources for a wide range of requirements: laser, LED or infrared light transmitters
Intelligent mounting solutions for easy installation and adjustment
Accurate, non-contact distance measurement for automation technology
Easy setup and low-cost integration
Reliable sensor technology
Triangulation sensors for the close-up range
Time-of-flight sensors for long distances
SensoPart covers a wide range of industrial image processing with its portfolio of vision solutions – from VISOR® plug & Play solutions for standard applications to the freely configurable Eyesight vision system for particularly complex automation tasks.
Our Generation 4.0 sensors with an intuitive display, IO-Link and comprehensive functions for diverse application solutions impress with excellent sensor characteristics.
Efficient part detection, object identification and tracking
VISOR® Colour also enables full surface inspection of colours
Accurate and high-speed detection of the subtlest differences in colour and grey values as well as non-colours
Accurate and fast printing mark detection
Detection of luminescent colours and luminophores
Numerous outputs and interfaces for easy integration in machine control systems
Wide range of fiber-optic cables for standard applications or individual customer requirements
Numerous setting options: dynamic teach-in or use of external control cable, speed and precision adjustment, timing functions
Intelligent mounting solutions for fiber-optic sensors and cables enabling easy installation and adjustment
Thanks to their precise beam guidance, fork sensors and optical windows are particularly suitable for small part detection and counting tasks.

Typical Fork sensors and optical windows
Fork sensors and optical windows display characteristic properties as a result of their special housing design: thanks to their precise beam guidance they are particularly suitable for small part detection. The sensors are also easy to mount because no timeconsuming adjustment is required.

Reliable detection of objects with critical surfaces and highly transparent objects

Typical Ultrasonic sensors
Ultraschallsensor UMT 30
Ultrasonic sensors may be a useful alternative where optical sensors come up against their physical limits. This applies, for example, for objects with uneven surfaces or under difficult ambient conditions, or with highly transparent media as well as moving, highly reflective liquid surfaces.

With inductive sensors, metallic objects can be reliably detected. Thanks to their great robustness, they can be used in numerous industrial applications.

Typical Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors: cubic housings
Because of their functional principle, inductive sensors are only suitable for detecting metal objects. But they do this extremely reliably and are also very robust and resistant (e.g. regarding environmental factors), which makes them interesting for numerous industrial applications.
Connected with SmartPlug, your sensor takes over additional control functions.

Typical SmartPlug
SmartPlug saves you from using expensive timing elements or supplementary control elements because SmartPlug makes the sensor smarter. Connected with SmartPlug, your sensor takes over additional control functions. As a timer, counter or inverter, for monitoring frequency, or for on-delay or drop-out delay.

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