Comitronic 7SSR-HYG-MKT Safety SensorComitronic 7SSR-HYG-MKT

The Comitronic 7SSR-HYG-MKT safety sensor provides protection for dangerous machines in harsh or hygienic environments. The safety sensor is utilised throughout the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and agricultural biotechnology industry.

Safety Sensor Features

The sensor is built using the ACOTOM PROCESS for unique technology.

  • It contains electronic decoding of 2 coded and independent magnetic fields meaning you can’t defraud him with a magnet.
  • The insensitivity to external magnetic fields allows the use of INOX316L housing.
  • It can be decoded through a steel plate up to 6mm thick but the sensor can be protected when embedded in the machine structure.

Hygienic design to avoid the adhesion of bacteria and facilitate cleaning:

  • 316L stainless steel housing with mirror polished finish
  • Rounded corners and slopes to avoid water stagnation
  • Designed to have the best cleaning quality
  • Silicon gasket and stainless steel nut
  • Traceability by LASER engraving and mechanical punching
  • Simple connection and fast serial connection with T-SPLITTER

Sensor Specification

Security level
(according to ISO 13849-1)
PLc, Cat 1 without Safety Relays

(up to PLe, cat 4 with safety relay)

Supply voltage 20VDC at 30VDC
Security contact 2 potential-free NO contacts 1A/48V
Auxiliary contact 1 NF (PNP)
Operating temperature -25°C at +60°C
Scanning range Sao = 6 mm (guaranteed activation distance)

Sar = 8 mm (assured breaking distance)

Materials / IP STAINLESS STEEL316L with LASER marking

IP69K (front) – IP67 (rear and connector)

Connecting PUR cable (50cm) + M12/8 pin connector
LED Red = door open
Diametre M30