Inductive sensors with IO-Link SSP 3.3 for live measurement and data monitoring

Contrinex’s new cloud-ready smart sensors are perfect for live data monitoring from the heart of an application. By simply configuring an IO-Link parameter, the user can output and display sensor data in real time on a cloud dashboard. A range of predictive maintenance features is also available to speed up troubleshooting and reduce machine downtime. The new sensors integrate readily into any enterprise resource planning (ERP) or manufacturing execution system (MES). Setup is fast and simple, as all data structures are compatible with the IO-Link SSP 3.3 smart sensor profile for measuring sensors with disable function.

Whether configured as IO-Link devices or for binary switching, Contrinex smart sensors offer many useful new functions. In IO-Link mode, these inductive sensors provide excellent support for predictive maintenance. Simply by activating an IO-Link parameter, various types of sensor data can be output from the relevant 16-bit register for display and live monitoring. Users can also set system alarms at various thresholds for sensed distance, counter value, sensor temperature, and deviation from historical data (histogram). If an intervention is necessary, sensor function can be automatically disabled via process data.

To configure the sensor switch point, Contrinex provides innovative single-value, two-value or dynamic teach-in sequences. In each case, the reaction to limits is dependent on the choice of configuration mode (single-point, window or two-point), in accordance with the SSP 3.3 profile. Sensor self-diagnosis is also supported with sensor-monitoring alarms in case of short-circuit detection, EMC disturbance events or failure of the emitter source (ferrite, coil or PCB).

In addition to IO-Link mode, these sensors also set new standards for binary sensors in SIO mode. By setting one of the IO pins as an input, other sources can trigger smart sensor teach-in, synchronization with other sensors, histogram data logging, and basic Boolean (AND, OR) operations.

Sensor data structure is compatible with the IO-Link common profile for digital measuring sensors (DMS). This offers the flexibility of standardized data mapping, transfer and processing, regardless of vendor or sensor type. There is a 32-bit Process Data Input (PDI) with 16-bit values for distance, counter and temperature data, 8-bit values for measurement data scaling and 8-bit values for reporting output switching signals, switching signals and configurable alarm flags. The 8-bit process data output (PDO) includes a disable function.
Inductive sensors in M12 and M18 housings for embeddable and non-embeddable mounting will be available in 2020.