Wenglor develop intelligent sensor technologies as well as safety and image processing systems with state-of-the-art communication standards for industry around the world. Thanks to innovative, world-class products, we fulfill both extraordinary and standard requirements. For more than 30 years, Wenglor have been offering the right products for small and mid-sized companies, as well as for international industrial conglomerates.

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In addition to Photoelectronic and Inductive Sensors, Wenglor’s core areas of expertise also include Ultrasonic Sensors, Fluid Sensors, Vision Systems, Barcode and 2D/3D Code Scanners, as well as Safety Technology. The goal is to supply customers with innovative, high quality solutions – every day and everywhere around the globe.

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As a result, renowned automotive and food companies, pharmaceuticals businesses and machine manufacturers consciously place their faith in wenglor’s attractive product portfolio. Companies in the field of conveyor technology, as well as in the beverages, woodworking, electrical, plastics, textiles and packaging industries, meet complex challenges with wenglor products too.

Our comprehensive and innovative product portfolio includes sensors and systems across ten different categories:

Product Portfolio

wenglor’s photoelectronic sensors can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances with high accuracy and identify colors, brightness or luminescence.  Various mounting systems allow for easy, flexible installation. Fiber optic cables that can be connected to sensors allow them to be used under extreme conditions or in tight spaces.

wenglor ultrasonic sensors are almost completely insensitive to interfering factors (such as extraneous light, dust, smoke, mist, vapor, lint, oily air, etc.). They are best suited for the detection of transparent and dark objects, reflective surfaces, shiny objects and of bulk materials and liquids. Ultrasonic sensors allow for the reliable detection and measurement of objects, independent of their material, color, transparency and texture.

Thanks to the lack of moving parts, these sensors are maintenance-free, wear-free, waterproof and resistant to dirt and shocks. They are short-circuit proof and can also be installed in any position. The service life of the sensors is not dependent on the switching frequency or number of measurement cycles.

wenglor’s fluid sensor technology covers a broad range of more than 900 products including flow, pressure and temperature sensors. Flow sensors ascertain the speed at which liquid media flow within closed systems and determine temperature as well. Pressure sensors measure the relative pressure of any desired media in closed systems. Temperature sensors determine the temperature of liquid and gaseous media, and permit reliable temperature monitoring within processes.

In addition to the comprehensive VisionSystem+, wenglor’s portfolio of image processing products also includes the weQube modular image processing platform as Smart Camera, Vision Sensor and OCR Reader.

2D/3D Sensors measure objects 360° all the way around, precisely control the positions of robots and inspect surfaces accurate to the micron.

wenglor 1D/2D and barcode scanners use different types of light to read each code. The light is reflected from the code elements onto a picture element in varying degrees and the image of the code that this produces is evaluated electronically using a decoder. The scanner can be adjusted by pressing on the Auto button function, or externally via the interface.

wenglor safety technology handles complex, safety-relevant tasks in the automation world. Certified to the latest international standards, this technology protects people and provides protection for machines.

wenglor was the first manufacturer to integrate Realtime Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) into sensors. wenglor products are available with three globally established data protocols: PROFINET, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP™.

wenglor system components secure, integrate, connect, expand and protect sensors, as well as image processing and safety systems. The mounting and connection technology, which is patented to some extent, is available in a variety of materials and variants.

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