As part of the prestigious Takenaka Sensor group in Japan, TAKEX is the leading manufacturer of Security and Industrial Sensors for a demanding global market.

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By combining a Double Modulated beam with a Tuning Amplifier and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) system, TAKEX Photoelectric Beam Sensors offer complete perimeter protection like no other. Our patented use of these 3 technologies ensure unrivalled tolerance against direct & reflected sunlight, vehicle headlights and other light sources.

TAKEX Outdoor Passive Infrared Sensors re-introduce the concept of reliable and dependable external PIR protection, for CCTV switching and alarm activation where quality matters.

TAKEX Indoor Passive Infrared Sensors combine high performance optics and advanced circuitry with the highest grade components available. The superior design of TAKEX Passive Infrared Sensors ensures peace of mind protection in even the most demanding of situations.

We can’t rely on the weather, but YOU can rely on the MW Series working whatever the weather decides to do. Be it heavy fog, frost, rain, or snow, our Microwave sensors offer piece of mind protection regardless.

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