Since 1990 Microsonic has concentrated on the development and production of innovative ultrasonic sensors for industrial automation technology. Today, microsonic is a globally recognised specialist in ultrasonic sensors for applications in industrial automation technology and industrial vehicles. A large number of patent applications and a constantly growing assortment of products are witness to the power of innovation at microsonic.

Product Portfolio:
Distance sensors
Special sensors

mic+ ultrasonic sensors
mic+ sensors are available in four unit variants with five different detection ranges.

lcs+ ultrasonic sensors
The new lcs+ ultrasonic sensors come in a very compact square-shaped housing – with analogue or switching output + IO-Link.

pico+TF ultrasonic filling-level sensor
The pico+TF sensors are ideal for the non-contact fill level measurement of chemically aggressive liquids or granules.

Hygienic Design
pms ultrasonic sensors
The design of the wash-down stainless steel housing with no crevices and dirt edges makes pms sensor perfectly suited to intensive cleaning and disinfection.

Web edge sensors
Double sheet control
Label and splice sensors
Through-beam barrier

Web edge sensors
bks+ ultrasonic web edge sensors
The bks+ edge sensor facilitates the contact-free web edge scanning of foils, paper and other soundimpermeable materials.

Double sheet control
dbk+4 ultrasonic double-sheet control
The latest type of ultrasonic double sheet control. Four variants: for all imaginable fitting positions.

Label and splice sensors
esf-1 ultrasonic label and splice sensors
The esf-1 fork sensor can detect labels reliably even at high label speeds.

Through-beam barrier
ews ultrasonic through-beam barrier
Ultrasonic through-beam barrier for contact free detection of objects.

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