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ifm’s exceptionally large product range does not only consider all relevant standard solutions, but also the specific requirements of individual industries. Apart from position and process sensors, this product range also includes sensors for motion control and safety technology. In addition to this, ifm offers products for industrial image processing and communication as well as identification systems for mobile machines.

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Position sensors are nowadays indispensable in industrial applications to reliably detect positions on machines. As compared to mechanical switches, inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors offer almost ideal conditions: operation without contact and wear as well as high switching frequencies and accuracy. In addition, they are insensitive to vibration, dust and moisture.

Cylinder sensors are used for position detection of pistons in pneumatic cylinders.

In industrial processes where liquids, air or gases are used, valves are needed for dosing and control. Valve sensors reliably signal the positions of valve actuators, valves, slides and flaps.

Photoelectric sensors as “artificial eyes” are fundamental to the automation technology. They are used where a reliable and non-contact detection of the exact position of objects is required. The material of the object to be detected is of no importance. Compared to inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors, photoelectric sensors have a much greater sensing zone.

Laser sensors are used for the detection of very small objects. In combination with time-of-flight measurement, even long distances can be measured reliably.

Position sensor range

Inductive sensors

Capacitive sensors

Magnetic sensors

Cylinder sensors

Ultrasonic sensors

Photoelectric sensors

Laser sensors

Distance sensors

In many industrial applications it is necessary to monitor drives for rotational speed or standstill, measure speeds, frequencies, distances, angles or positions and display, process and transmit current process values. In the automotive, food, steel and mining industries, speed sensors are used to safely detect standstill, overspeed and underspeed of drives or belt break on conveyors. On mobile machines such as fork-lift trucks, speed sensors serve as speed pick-ups. In the materials handling and wood industry, encoders have become established as reliable instruments for position and linear measurement.

Sensor and motion control range:


Speed sensors

Inclination sensors

In automation technology visions sensors are an integral part of assembly and manufacturing tasks as well as quality control. In a robust, industrially compatible housing, the vision sensors combine lighting, lens, camera chip, evaluation and process connections for the integration in the higher-level controller.

Industrial imaging range
Vision sensors
3D sensors

The ifm product range comprises a multitude of safety products including electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE), door switches, actuators and control systems.

Safety technology range:
Fail-safe inductive sensors
Safety light curtains
Safety light grids
Safety relays

The actuator-sensor interface (AS-i) is a manufacturer-independent standard for the connection of actuators and sensors of the first field level. AS-Interface has become established as an economic wiring system in industrial automation. A two-wire flat cable transmits data and energy. This considerably reduces wiring complexity ans saves the user a great number of terminals, splitter boxes, input/output cards and cable lines.
AS-i gateways with integrated PLC function control the data exchange to the sensor/actuator level and communicate rapidly with the superior control level. They can be used as independent, decentralised controllers or as gateways to all common fieldbus systems. The range includes interfaces with EtherNet/IP, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT or CANopen.

IO-Link is a manufacturer-independent point-to-point communication system used to connect sensors and actuators to an automation system.

IO-Link is capable of processing switching signals of binary sensors, process values of analogue sensors and their parameters in a purely digital form based on a 24 V signal. This eliminates measuring value errors associated with the transmission and conversion of analogue signals.

IO-Link can be used to transfer several process values or parameters of a device simultaneously via one unscreened standard cable.

IO-Link is an internationally standardised fieldbus and controller independent interface.

In production, intralogistics and conveying, automated identification based on 1D/2D codes or RFID labels has become a standard. Such automated identification systems enable the requirements-driven distribution of goods or assembly components as well as their traceability in real time. As a result, manufacturing and supply processes can be fully automatically controlled and seamlessly documented.

Application areas of the 1D/2D code reader range from product tracking and product control to product identification.

Condition monitoring systems are used for condition-based maintenance of machines and installations. They help to detect machine damage in good time and prevent costly consequential damage.  The ifm product range comprises systems for monitoring vibration, oil quality, compressed air and water consumption.

The extensive ecomatmobile control system includes a range of products to meet the special requirements of mobile applications. Even in extreme conditions such as heat, cold, moisture, dust and vibration maximum reliability is required. The product range includes controllers, displays and I/O modules. Telematics systems enable efficient fleet management and reliable remote maintenance and diagnosis.

ifm’s ecolink series comprises sockets, cable plugs, jumper cables and splitter boxes in M8 and M12 design. The range is complemented by adapter sockets, adapter plugs, valve plugs and wirable sockets and plugs. The product range is structured according to application areas.

ifm power supplies for control cabinet installation provide power to the connected controllers, modules, sensors and actuators. They provide high noise immunity and sufficient power reserves to reliably handle short current spikes.

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