In the field of sensor technology, Balluff handles the entire range of technological diversity with their various operating principles. Balluff offer premium sensors and systems for every application and requirement, from position measurement and identification to object recognition and fluid measurement. For everyday industrial uses as well for tough applications in critical environments.

Balluff quality management is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008; all of our products are tested in our own accredited labs. Balluff sensors meet regional as well as international standards and are used throughout the world.

Balluff inclination sensors
Balluff flow sensors
Balluff capacitive sensors
Reliable direction, positioning and control in automation technology.
The benefits:
Suitable for a variety of applications
Contact-free and therefore wear-free
Resistant to dirt
Short-circuit resistant
In configurations from 3 mm Ø to 80 × 80 mm square dimensions
Reliable test sensors with a broad spectrum of light types for many applications.
The benefits:
Part recognition and counting
Stack height monitoring
Detection through glass
Small parts detection
Brand recognition
Fill level detection and much more

Reliably detect objects and filling levels – in direct contact or through container walls.
The benefits
Contact-free and therefore wear-free
Shock-free output signal
Foam and deposit compensation thanks to Smart Level technology

Secure and wear-free position recognition in all pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.
The benefits
Contact-free and therefore wear-free
No double switching points
Reliable even at high movement speeds
The precise jack-of-all-trades.
The benefits
Contactless detection
Reliable in critical environmental conditions such as fog, dust and impurities
Irrespective of color, transparency, reflection properties and surface finish on the object
Precise recognition of even smaller objects
Rectangular and cylindrical heads allow for greater freedom of design
The robust classic of automation in the metal-working industry and automotive manufacturing.
Reliable and robust, even in harsh environments
Flawless functionality in the event of vibrations, shock loads, temperature swings, aggressive cooling lubricants and heavy chip accumulation
Maintenance-free, self-lubricating ram guide with plain bearing bush
High-end Viton® seals
Protection type IP67
Also with inductive switching points
Measure long distances effortlessly, precisely and absolutely – even under harsh conditions.
Precise, absolute measurement without a reference run
Contact-free, therefore wear-free – no downtimes, long service life
Resistant to shock, vibration and contamination
Hermetically sealed housing
Highly dynamic control applications through synchronized measurement data
High durability and long service life
Flexible installation and handling
Precise positioning in rapid implementation – effortless and extremely robust.
Contact-free and therefore wear-free
Incremental or absolute interfaces
High resolution to 1µm
Measurement lengths of up to 48 m
Flexible installation
Long service life
Continuous level measurement of liquids and solids
Precise, absolute level measurement
Suitable for solids and liquids
Wear- and maintenance-free
High degree of protection
Insensitive to shock and vibration
High durability and long service life
Flexible installation and handling
Measurement of deviation from horizontal or vertical axes up to 360°.
Capacitive measuring principle
Direct inclination measurement without costly bespoke construction
Interfaces: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V and Modbus
Appropriate for use in harsh conditions with high protection class IP67
Measuring range up to 360°
Contact-free absolute measuring principle for simple integration into your system
Compact pressure transmitters and sensors – also with IO-Link interface.
Large, brightly illuminated LED display
Compact and robust as a transmitter
Pressure range –1…600 bar
Process connection G1/4“, G1/2“,R1/4“, NPT1/4“
Flush with the front surface in G1/2“ and Tri-Clamp 1.5“
Compact with M 12 connection
Output as 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, switching points (NPN/PNP) and IO-Link
Fluid temperature –40…+125 °C
Enclosure rating IP67 and IP69K
UL approval
Stainless steel or PVDF process connection
Reliably detect temperatures and objects in a wide range of applications.
Area of use:
Temperature sensors allow you to measure and monitor temperatures on a wide range of applications both contactlessly and with contact.
Flow measurement for process management of industrial equipment
Area of use:
Flow sensors let you measure and monitor the flow of process media, like lubricant or cooling water, in a wide range of applications.
When you are alerted that the flow has slowed or stopped, you can respond quickly and prevent an unplanned machine downtime or even system stop. This is how flow sensors, like pressure or temperature sensors, contribute to process security.

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